Aquaquip EVO2 LED Retro Fit light kit Model ASN101



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Aquaquip Evo2 retro replacement light for the Aquastar Halagon pool lights. Upgrade your Aquastar pool light to the reliable LED Evo2 today.

Also kits to suit Lumascape and Poolstore concrete pool lights.

  • Single colour or multicolour LED replacement light kit. (Select your colour)
  • Replace your old halogen Aquastar, Lumascape* or Poolstore light with this new EVO2 LED kit.
  • Direct replacement.
  • Really make your pool stand out!
  • Much brighter than the halogen

*  Important Note.

Retro fitting into a Lumascape housing relies upon:

• The original Lumascape stainless steel cover (OD 132mm)being retained and used.
• The original Lumascape light being attached to the housing using two screws

If the 132mm stainless steel cover is not on site and/or the Lumascape light is mounted to the housing tabs with just one screw, contact Aquaquip first

Aqua-Quip Multi-Colour LED Lights can now be operated from a variety of third-party controllers:

If you are using a third-party controller, please specify the brand when ordering  multi colour pool lights

Aqua-Quip’s programming allows the lights to operate from the controllers listed below:

• Astral Viron Connect 10
• Astral Viron Wall Switch
• Astral Viron Connect LITE and Connect LITE+
• Pentair IntelliTouch & EasyTouch
• Hayward OmniLogic UCL
• Zodiac AquaLink

Refer to these photos for ID purposes… then select from the drop down list for the correct replacement

Evo2 Aqustar replacement light

Evo2 Lumascape light replacement

Evo2 Poolstore light replacement

 Evo2 dimensions

The Evo2 LED Retro Fit light is supplied with a factory sealed light and a Quick Connect Plug Kit. The plug kit connects to the existing cable and is then connected to the rear of the light by tightening the supplied locknut.

These Evo2 LED Flush mounted retro fit lights allow a simple upgrade from the Aqua-Star Halogen and Spectrum MK1 Flush Mounted lights. Available in fixed colour and multi-coloured options. Pool light mounts into the existing Aqua-Star housing.

* Images may show the optional Stainless Steel rim


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