Aquaquip EVOFG Fibreglass Pool Lights Model ASG001




Evo FG Flush Mounted Lights –

Suit all fibreglass and above-ground vinyl pools

They are simple to install and fit through a 60mm hole.
Competitively priced and Australian made.
Low profile, compact niche light, supplied with 20m cable.
1.2 metres of cable is factory fitted into the niche, allowing the light to be installed below ledges for maximum pool illumination.

EVOFG Pool light dimensions

Super bright, energy efficient, long life. 

Available in fixed colours of white, blue or green as well as the multi-colour option which includes the integrated Colour Selection Palette allowing the user to choose from an infinite variety of fixed colours and programming modes.

Lens diameter – 118mm
Protrusion from wall – 29mm

Make your selection from the drop down list…. includes LED light & 20m cable with a 30m option. No transformer included.

Single colour-
AU $250.00

Multi colour –
AU $325.00

AU $25.00
 to each light if you select the 30m cable option.

Download the brochure…

For the multi coloured lights…


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