AquaQuip EvoFG Retro Fit Light Kits Model ASR111



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Aquaquip EvoFG Retro fit LED pool light to replace an existing pool light. Refer below for the lights it replaces…

This EvoFG retro kit comes with a plug you connect to the existing cable.

Single colour & multi colour options…

Single colour –
AU $250.00

Multi Colour change –
AU $325.00

Light diameter is 120mm and will protrude just 25mm from the pool wall

This light is a great Australian made pool light and an excellent replacement pool light.

Note on the Lumascape lights... Only use this EvoFG light if it has the one 1 screw tab, if it has 2 screw tabs, you need the Evo2 Retro.

Refer to the instructions here for details…

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