Celsior Spa Bath Pump Model Celsior




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Davey’s range of Celsior® Spa Bath pumps focus on energy efficient practices to heat the water in your spa bath.

The use of Davey’s patented and unique heat maintenance technology ensures that up to 96% of effective energy is used saving you money in the long run and keeping your bath water warmer for longer!

Compact and flexible to install, the Celsior spa bath pumps are available in a range of control options:

• Airswitch controlled
• Airswitch with heat boost and
• Electronic touchpad controlled with heat boost.

Up to 50% quieter than other pumps, the Celsior® spa bath pump provides a more enjoyable spa experience that will not disturb your well deserved relaxation or that of your neighbours.

With pumps as large as 2 horsepower, and three unique patented features, Celsior® pumps deliver greater water flow and pressure, enlivening your spa for a complete massaging effect.

Davey Heat Recovery technology maintains the temperature of your spa for longer by utilising waste energy which is otherwise lost when using traditional style spa pumps. Celsior® is environmentally friendly & highly efficient with up to 96% effective energy usage.

Airswitch or touchpad controlled, the Celsior® is available as a heat maintenance pump or supplied with an in-built heater for that added heat boost.


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