Davey Silensor SLL200 Pool Pump Model SLL300



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Davey Silensor SLL300 pool pump.



Davey SLL300 silensor pool pump. Water Silenced – Silensor’s water-silenced motor uses a small water flow around the stainless steel, corrosion proof motor shell. This captures noise and vibrations, allowing the silensor’s ultra quiet operation. Plus the silensor motor does not need a fan…. a big contributor to noise. The very low operating noise levels of Silensor makes it ideal for backyard operation close to neighbours, where quietness is very important. Plus you can take advantage of running during the night with lower off-peaks electricity rates.

Equally at home with chlorinated or salt water, the complete pump assembly is UV stabilised for outdoor installation and is entirely corrosion proof.

The pump has a huge leaf basket and lint pot to trap the natural contaminants of swimming pool pump systems.






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