Edgetec Enhance Heated Spa Bath Blower Model E3700




Edgetec – Air Switch Eezi Spa Bath Blower,

Air Switch Controlled, Variable Speed, Built In Heater. Sanitiser Cycle (all spa bath blowers require a sanitiser cycle by law).

Uses your existing air line & air button. We have these items available if required.

Blower has a built in air release valve on output (valve will stop motor from burning out when only a small amount of air injectors have been fitted in the bath).

220-240 volt, Motor 600W, Heater 400W, [email protected] 1meter, Amps 4, 40mm outlet.

Push Air Button

1: High, 2: Med, 3: Low, 4: Ramping, 5: Off

Sanitiser Cycle: Turns on the blower 10 minutes after shut down and runs for 20 seconds to purge any water sitting in the air line which may otherwise become stagnant.

NOTE:  For owners that had the Onga Balboa Whispair Plus – Spa Bath Blower, you can use this Edgetec blower and connect your air tube and air button.

If the blower was used with a touchpad the Eezi Touch touchpad will have to be purchased as well and be cut into the spa bath.


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