Ezifit Exhaust with ABS Plastic Cowl – ECEP154*

Available in metal/deck and tile roof versions, the Ezifit Thru Roof exhaust fans are easy to install and provide powerful air flow with low noise output. Its detachable IEC power lead and ABS plastic cowl makes installation and maintenance easier.

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Easy to install design.

Suits all types of tile or metal roof profiles.

Roof flashing included.

Available in sizes to suit 150mm and 200mm duct.

Comes with convenient 3-pin plug and lead.

High-performance fan allows it to exhaust from multiple points and makes it suitable for long duct runs.
Good installation will provide quiet operation.
“Continuous rated” motor with safety thermal protection.
Galvanised steel circular upstand with UV stabilised ABS plastic cowl.
Custom colour available as an optional extra.
Speed-controllable with electronic controller.
*Applies only when purchased from a wholesaler outlet.

Ezifit Exhaust


Model No. Type B C
ECEP152* Exhaust Fan 139 133 745 290 150
ECEP154* Exhaust Fan 139 133 745 290 150
ECEP156* Exhaust Fan 139 133 745 290 150
ECEP204* Exhaust Fan 195 194 790 443 200

* Nominate roof flashing type: M= Metal/Deck roof, T= Tile roof
All dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Model No. m³/h† L/sec† Fan Speed RPM AVG. dB(A)
@ 3m
Watts Volts
ECEP152* 396 110 2510 43 59 230
ECEP154* 324 90 2000 38 50 230
ECEP156* 234 65 1150 25 45 230
ECEP204* 1008 280 1390 40 81 230

† Air flow without duct and fittings * Nominate roof flashing type: M = Metal/Deck roof, T= Tile roof; -BFC = Bushfire Code compliant


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