Future Wave Model FW-12.2-P




Future Wave Energy Saver

Is the cost of running your pool becoming a joke? Then the revolutionary new Future WaveTM Energy Saver will cut the current high cost of running your pool pumps by 75%.

No plumbing required. You simply plug your pump into the Future Wave.

Not only are power prices souring, this device will give you two things – power and savings. Pump savings of up to 75% of your power bill. Plus there’s a bonus. Noise from you pool pump will drop a staggering 75% so you can pump at any time of the day without disturbing your neighbours. You will be able to take advantage of off peak power costs, making it even more cost effect. It’s kind to the environment because that also means an 75% reduction in the energy used. That means less green house emissions and a drastic lowering of your carbon footprint by three tonnes per year / pool.

This Australian invention is another reason why we are leading the world in the campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pool pumps are only one use for the Future WaveTM Energy Saver. It’s perfect for Fish Farmers in the lucrative aquaculture industry, agriculture and for heat transfer flow pumps

One of the additional benefits is the effect on pump noise. The silent running of the pump means it can operational day or night. Plus it improves filtering and cleaning, and there’s less wear and tear on the pump. So even the pump will last longer.

Local governments are investing in the Future WaveTM Energy Saver to take advantage of the massive financial and enviromental savings available. Despite funds being stretched due to the area’s recent amalgamation, the new Sunshine Coast Regional Council is now considering installing it in all their municipal pools. The device is being trialled at the Buderim Town Pool on the Sunshine Coast.

This groundbreaking technology is also already being used at the Rivage Royal and Grand Mariner resorts on the Gold Coast, saving
AU $39,000.00
AU $49,000.00
 respectively a year. It is also being trialled in a 120,000 litre solar-powered pool on display in Canberra.

Due to the massive savings on offer a commercial unit will pay for itself in 12 months and the cost will be recouped in 1-3 years when used for domestic use. This is only the start of this exciting new product where international companies are lining up to utilise this product.

2.2kw Maximum capacity.


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