GEB: Exterior LED Surface Mounted Wall Light & Bollards IP54


Product Features:

  • Input voltage range: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage range: 18-42V
  • Output current: 300mA
  • Material: aluminium post, die-cast & PC
  • LED chips: 12pcs 3030
  • IP rating: IP54
  • GEB2&3 pole base: Ø90mm; ID 29mm
  • *GEB2&3 bollard lights are not for use inground
  • For bollard lights, to maintain the IP rating please use circular cable in junction
  • For bollard lights, for parallel and single connection we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector (CLA Connector: CONN001 & CONN002)

*These bollards are designed for mounting on a solid surface such as a concrete path or sturdy timber decking.

*Must be installed by a licenced electrician (Installation instructions sheet provided in each product box).

*Unless protected, not recommended for environments with harsh weather conditions or heavy rainfall. IP65 fittings recommended for such environments.

*To avoid disappointment and warranty problems, please ensure the IP rating of the chosen product is relevant for the intended use.


3 year replacement warranty

Part No.



Part No. Description Kelvin(K) Lumens(LM) Watt CRI Beam Dimm Length(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm) Cut out(mm)
GEB1 WALL LED LED S/M Dark Grey Tapered 3000K 13W IP54 3000 580 13 ≥80 120 No 276 Ø140 166
GEB2 BOLLARD LED Dark Grey Tapered Sh 500mm 3000K 13W IP54 3000 580 13 ≥80 120 No 500 Ø140
GEB3 BOLLARD LED Dark Grey Tapered Long 800mm 3000K 13W IP54 3000 580 13 ≥80 120 No 800 Ø140

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