MR16 Exterior Spike Lights IP65


Product Features:

  • MR16 garden spike spot lights
  • Input voltage range: 12-25V AC/DC
  • Material: solid copper / 316 stainless steel / aluminium
  • Lamp holder: MR16 (Max.20W)
  • Globes not included
  • Spike length: 1000mm
  • Cable Length: 900mm (Cable placement: 380mm from the bottom end of the spike)
  • External control gear required
  • IP rating: IP65
  • To maintain the IP rating please use circular cable in junction
  • For parallel and single connection we recommend using an appropriate IP68 connector (CLA Connector: CONN001 & CONN002)

*Must be installed by a licenced electrician (Installation instructions sheet provided in each product box).

*To avoid disappointment and warranty problems, please ensure the IP rating of the chosen product is relevant for the intended use.


2 year replacement warranty

Part No.



Part No. Description Kelvin(K) Lumens(LM) Watt CRI Beam Dimm Length(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm) Cut out(mm)
SPM1ALBL SPIKE MR16 12V S/ADJ BLK L 1000MM Max.20 1000 110
SPM1ALC SPIKE MR16 12V S/ADJ COP L1000mm Max.20 1000 180
SPM1ALSS SPIKE MR16 12V S/ADJ SS316 L1000mm Max.20 1000 180
SPM2ALBL SPIKE MR16 12V D/ADJ BLK L1000mm IP65 Max.20 1000 340
SPM2ALC SPIKE MR16 12V D/ADJ COP L1000mm Max.20 1000 340
SPM2ALSS SPIKE MR16 12V D/ADJ SS316 L1000mm Max.20 1000 340

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