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The OdourVac Toilet Ventilation System solves the problem of toilet odour in a quiet, unobtrusive manner. Odours are drawn from the toilet bowl through the cistern’s overflow pipe and exhausted by the ducted ventilation system to outside the home. The fan is supplied with a 3-pin plug and lead and is easily activated by using either a light switch, a separate switch or a movement sensor (switches and sensor purchased separately).

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Creates an odourless toilet by removing odours directly from the toilet bowl.

Adjustable air flow ensures odours are removed without draft.

The system complies with AS1668.2-2002 and BCA 2010.

Compatible with most toilet suites.


The OdourVac System draws low volumes
of air into the pan during use preventing any
odour from escaping into the room. This
creates an odour free room at all times.

Balancing Valve

The system features a balancing valve that is fitted within the toilet cistern. It adjusts the air flow to maintain a fresh odour free environment while minimising drafts and noise.

Kit Includes

Description Qty
European made in-line fan with spigots 1
Balancing valve 1
50mm diameter X 90° PVC elbow 2
50mm external wall grille 1
50mm diameter PVC socket 1
50mm diameter to 40mm diameter PVC reducer 1
250mm length of 40mm diameter PVC pipe 1
100mm length of 40mm diameter PVC pipe 2
200mm length of 40mm diameter exible pipe 1
40mm diameter, 90 ° PVC elbow 1
Circular cover plate 2


Model No. A B C E F
TEF100 132 90 113 89 110 67

Fan Specifications

Model No. Voltage Frequency Input Power
TEF100 230-240V 50Hz 16W


Model No Description
OVK1 OdourVac System
TEF100 Fan only


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