ONGA 4352 / 4353 / 4395 SPA HOT PUMP

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These pumps are a pump and heater all in one and were controlled by an air switch and had a temperature control knob on the heater module on the pump.

Below is a list of replacement pumps and/or controllers, in most circumstances the new pump and/or controller will need to be re-plumbed and Touchpad cut into the sell. Also if there is an existing blower on the spa, the power cable on that may need to be replaced with one to suit the controller selected.

Air Button Operated Hot Pump.

Waterco Portapac 1.5kw(10amp)

Waterco Portapac 2.0kw(15amp)

Pump, Controller and Touchpad.



SP601 1.5kw and 1sp Pump

SP601 2.0kw and 1sp Pump


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