Pool Blanket



Call for price / Priced per square metre (price shown is 525 micron Translucent Blue)

Maximum use of the sun’s energy.

Our Solar Pool Blanket is similar to bubble packaging material except that it’s a thicker and a much higher grade of plastic with UV inhibitors and stabilisers. Its bubble design maximises the efficiency of energy received from the sun, thereby reducing your pool heating and maintenance costs and extending your swimming season by as much as three months.

It manages this in two significant ways: reducing evaporative water loss and improving the absorption and retention of solar heat.

An outdoor pool gains heat from the sun’s radiation and looses heat through water evaporation and convection. A solar pool blanket maximises absorption of short wave energy from the sun and will even raise the temperature of your pool by up to 8°C. The static air trapped in the bubbles then acts as a thermal insulator and reduces the overnight loss of long wave radiation, so heat loss is negligible.

Our Solar Pool Blanket simply makes the most of the sun’s energy to save you money


Available in 250um Translucent Blue, 400um Translucent Blue, 525um Translucent Blue & 525um Titanium Blue / Green / Cool (cool is non heating for indoor or shaded pools)


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