Poolrite PM Pool Pumps Model PM405060



Available in Store Only

Poolrite pm40, PM50 & PM60 pool pumps are no longer available. We do have a solution…

Need a quick and easy retrofit for a Poolrite PM Pump that is finally on its last legs after 15 years?

Good news, in less than 15 minutes the SQI pump can slot in and fire up.

Follow these simple steps…

1. Cut off green barrel union from discharge port.
2. Remove flexi fit coupling front the front suction line port.
3. Clean with primer all parts to be glued.
4. Place locking nut over pipework and glue new black swivel coupling to suction line pipe. When gluing, place glue on inside of coupling and on existing pipework. With locking nut already on pipe, slip over pipe and hold for 10 seconds.
5. Fit front of pump to coupling with greased o-ring in place, tighten locking nut to hand tight and secure front of pump to pipe work.
6. Extend and fit discharge port vertical and horizontal pipe arms to the multi port valve with 40 or 50mm coupling (as per size of piping) and fit new swivel cowling in the same way as part 4.
7. When extending pipe work measure and fit for precise fit. This will prevent pipe bending or leaks.
8. Pat yourself on the back, you are done.


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