Silent Design – SILDES200*3C-S-1

The Silent Design Series exhaust fans bring style and elegance to the engineering brilliance of the Silent wall fan range. They feature an advanced vibration absorbing design to ensure quiet operation and powerful air flow performance.

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Quiet operation due to its noise and vibration absorbing design.

Comes with 4 interchangeable colour bars to match room décor.

Low loss foil backdraft damper is standard on all models.

1-30 minute adjustable run-on timer and adjustable humidistat are available on selected models.

Internal thermal motor cut out protection.

*Applies only when purchased from a wholesaler outlet.


Interchanagable Colour Bars

To complement room fixtures all models are available in white and silver finish as standard. The Silent Design range also comes in an additional 9 colours as a special order. Please allow 18 weeks delivery from date of order for the additional colours.

The Silent Design can be customised with an interchangeable bar so your fan can coordinate in with any setting. Four colours to match the décor of the room: blue, red, green and yellow.


Model No. Duct Size A□ B D E F
SILDES100.. 100 188 130 99 85 79 45
SILDES200.. 125 210 145 116 89 80 56
SILDES300.. 150 247 179 146 112 95 67

Technical Data

Model No. Panel Colour m³/hr L/sec Fan Speed rpm Avg. dB(A) @ 3m Watts Volts IP Rating
SILDES100*3C-W White 85 23 2100 27 8 220-240 IP45
SILDES100*3C-S Silver
SILDES200*3C-W White 175 48 2450 35 16 220-240 IP45
SILDES200*3C-S Silver
SILDES300*3C-W White 300 83 2150 42 22 220-240 IP45
SILDES300*3C-S Silver

† Air flow without duct and fittings
* Add ‘CZ, ‘CRZ’, or ‘CHZ’ into fan model number as per features table


Model No.
Backdraft Damper Run-on Timer Humidistat Finish Colour
..CZ3C-W Yes No No White
..CZ3C-S Yes No No Silver
..CRZ3C-W Yes Yes No White
..CRZ3C-S Yes Yes No Silver
..CHZ3C-W Yes Yes Yes White
..CHZ3C-S Yes Yes Yes Silver

.. For complete model add Nom. flow rate m³/h


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