Solar Matting 25m Roll (4 Sq/M) Rubber



Hydromatt H.F. is a black heavy duty 10 tube solar collector manufactured from the highest quality EPHL synthetic rubber, it has a demonstrated life of over 20 years with a 10 year warranty.

  • Effeciently heats your pool
  • Built to last in the harsh Australian climate
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Resistant to UV, chlorine and micro-orgainc attacks

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Solar Pool Heating

We, at Hydromatt, have been manufacturing our solar matting since 1978 and sell to swimming pool companies, solar installers and the general public throughout Australia and New Zealand, so we are able to offer to you an excellent product at a very low cost.

How Hydromatt solar heating works:

Hydromatt solar is a superior and perfectly tailored solar pool heating system which is custom fitted to your roof so as to be aesthetically appealing, unobtrusive and almost undetectable.

By pumping water through your Hydromatt Solar collector fixed to your roof and the back of your pool, the solar energy collected by the absorber is transfered to the water during it’s journey. When pumped back into the pool it takes the heat with it, which warms your pool by up to 10 degrees.

Why use the Hydromatt solar pool system

The great success of the Hydromatt solar system is due to the solar collectors high efficiency. No other flexible strip absorber system is designed like it, or can heat your pool so efficiently.

We have been manufacturing Hydromatt solar collector since the seventies. All our solar collectors are extruded using the most up to date hi-tech equipment available in the world.

All out polymers are compounded and mixed to maintain the highest quality products avaliable on the Australian market

Rootzone heating

Hydromatt’s rootzone heating brings efficiency and precision growing to the commercial greenhouse by putting heat where it is needed.

The Hydromatt rootzone heating system family of products including the pool solar controllers have been proven reliable for years by growers in Australia and overseas who require precise temperature control and lower heating costs.



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