Solar Matting Kit Rubber



Hydromatt is a heavy duty 10 tube solar collector, it is manufactured from the highest quality synthetic rubber and has a demonstrated life of over 20 years with a 10 year warranty.

We recommend at least the surface area of your pool as the minimum amount of solar collector for most applications, obviously if you have sufficient roof space increasing this amount result in more efficient solar heating.

The Manual DIY system uses your existing filter pump to pump the water through the solar collector, is best suited for singe storey and smaller installations up to 24sq/m, as it puts extra load on your existing filter and pump

For larger systems without dedicated solar inlets and outlets we recommend upgrading to a booster pump which operates in conjunction with your existing filter pump.

For pools with dedicated solar inlets and outlets a pump with Lint Pot is required, (3/4 HP for single storey /1HP for double storey homes).

The addition of a Solar Controller will automate your system turning your pump on and off according to the heat available and your desired temperature setting.

Hydromatt kits come with Do it yourself Instructions and all components to install solar to your pool, the only added expense is 40mm pressure pipe which can be purchased locally from plumping outlets

The manual DIY system is best for single story installation. It is not reccommended for 2+ story installations as it puts extra load on the pump & filter

For Installation Instructions Click Here

Manual Kit includes:

  • AMR Hydromatt Collector
  • Manifolds & Grommets
  • 2 Way Hand Valve
  • 8mm Splicing Barbs
  • 40mm Saddles
  • Check Valve
  • 40mm Elbows
  • 40mm End Caps
  • 40mm Tees
  • Solvent Cement
  • Blunted Drill Bit
  • Tremsil Roof Glue 1 Tube per 4 SQ MT (Tiled Roof)
  • EPDM Roof Strapping 50m roll (Tin roof)
  • Vacuum Break Valve


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