Speck Badu Stream x 2 c/w Mixer & 2 x 21/80 32SG Pumps Model BADUS-32SG



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Badu Stream Swim Systems 

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Includes 2 x Badu Stream Swimjets complete with air mixer & adjustable flow nozzle & 2 x 4 HP single phase pumps. Input 1100 lpm

Contact us anytime for pricing… remote control option also available

BaduStream provides many different packages in a wide price range all aimed at pleasing a variety of exercise styles and budgets. BaduStream swim systems can create a current in excess of 2400 Litres per minute (LPM). Water is pumped into the pool through one or two large recessed jet nozzles which can be adjusted to release a flow of water for a challenging swim down to a leisurely stroke. Enjoy the low impact benefits of exercising in water. The BaduStream will add fun and value to any pool. Features include:

  • Unlimited long distance swimming (no more 3 stroke laps)

  • Brings the beach right to your door

  • Can be installed in any type of pool, new or existing, from concrete to vinyl liner

  • Adjustable current strength provides great aerobic exercise for all the family

  • Refreshing and pulsating massage hose attachment also available


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