Vortice Lineo ES Series (Model – Vortice LINEO200ES – ALV17037)

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Vortice mixed flow, in-line extraction fan

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The Vortice Lineo ES mixed flow, in-line fans are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laboratories, restaurants, theatres etc.

Vortice Features

  • Vortice material: self-extinguishing plastic resin (self-extinguishing capability V0)
  • Nominal diameter up to 315 mm
  • Two speed Vortice EC brushless with thermal overload cutout and shaft turning in ball bearings, coupled to mixed flow axial-centrifugal impeller
  • The Vortice electronic motor control circuitry incorporates an electronic timer function designed to shut off the motor automatically after a set interval
  • Vortice speed controller devices operating with 0-10 V signal
  • Ball bearing motors for at least 30,000 hours operation without mechanical malfunction
  • Protection rating: IP44 (inline installation)



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