Aerofresh 280


Aerofresh 280 is a compact, energy-efficient in-ceiling heat recovery and cooling system designed for medium-sized apartments and houses.

It provides a healthier indoor living space by recovering thermal energy from areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that would otherwise have been extracted. In turn, the heat is transferred to the fresh, filtered air drawn from outside. An efficiency of up to 80% is achieved by units highly efficient counter-flow heat exchanger.

Filters are changed through a ceiling access panel and must be installed by the builder.

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Well suited to shallow ceiling voids with a minimum height of 315mm.

Boost function enables rapid extraction of increased moisture or pollutant levels.

Automatic bypass for free cooling during the summer season.

Anti-frost protection to prevent frost build-up.

EC motor for increased energy efficiency and stepless speed control.

Long lasting powder coated galvanised sheet metal construction.

Can be connected to a BMS via Modbus RTU for easy system control and monitoring.

Complies with European ErP Directive, Regulations 1253/2014 – 1254/2014 (HRV performance standards).

Accepts inputs from IAQ sensors.

Aerofresh 280 Controller

Included Controller

Multi-function remote control panel with
LCD display, supplied as standard with the Aerofresh 280.


  • Suitable for surface (wall) mounting
  • 4 adjustable air flow levels
  • Compatible with IAQ sensors such as humidity and CO₂
  • Filter replacement alert
  • 7 day scheduler enables set-up of operational periods
  • Bypass mode (automatic)
  • Frost protection mode


A Exhaust air to outside
B Intake air from outside
C Extract air from inside
D Supply air to inside

Unit Specifications

Weight 23 kg
Ducting 4 X 150mm spigots
Condensate Connection 16mm (for tube connection)
Construction Internal Body EPP (Polypropylene)
Unit Housing Painted galvanised sheet metal
Voltage 220-240 V
Fan Motor EC
Filters Extract – G4
Supply – G4 (Optional F7)


Performance Data


Curve Speed % W max m3/h max
A (min) 20 10 59
B 40 23 136
C 60 55 230
D 80 113 311
E (max) 100 170 357

Sound Data

Sound Levels (dBA) @ 3m
Operating Speed 40% 60% 80% 100%
Breakout 21 29 37 41


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