Five Ways That Sydney  LED Downlights Will Save You Money

LED downlights are lights that face downwards from the ceiling. They’re fitted, so that the light shines from holes in the ceiling, which is used for indoor and outdoor lighting arrangements.

LED lights have long been regarded as the future of lighting technology, because of how little energy they use. This translates into great savings!

LED down lights have become extremely popular lately, because of how much they can reduce your carbon footprint. But like many green solutions, they also save money. They’re slightly more expensive per unit than other light bulbs, but because they’re so energy-efficient and long-lasting, they will pay for themselves many times over.

How LED Down Lights Can Reduce Costs

  1. By using less energy, they will dramatically lower your electricity bills. LED lighting bulbs use 90% less power than regular incandescent bulbs, and half as much power as compact fluorescent bulbs. Because they’re so energy-efficient, LED down lights are also far better for the environment.
  2. By not emitting heat, like other lights do, they reduce the need for air-conditioning. Incandescent and halogen lights can make an office environment uncomfortably hot in summer. In environments where a lot of light is needed, like photographic or TV studios, LED down lights are an ideal lighting solution.
  3. They last for many years, and hardly ever need to be replaced. LED lighting bulbs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. If you use them for a few hours each day, they can last up to 40 years! Once you install LED down lights, you’ll forget the last time you had to replace a light bulb.
  4. By not giving off any UV radiation, LED down lights don’t damage your skin or eyes like normal light bulbs do. This helps you save money on expensive skin treatments and glasses, and keeps you looking young and healthy for longer. They also don’t contain mercury, which is found in other light bulbs and is extremely toxic.
  5. By being strong and durable, they require little to no maintenance, and are almost impossible to break, which reduces replacement costs. They don’t contain thin glass bulbs or fragile filaments, so they’re very shock-resistant. They’re also never damaged by extreme temperatures, and their tough aluminium fixtures last a lifetime.

It’s true that installing LED down lights as an indoor or outdoor lighting solution is more expensive than installing other types of lights. But when you look at the savings they create after the initial installation outlay, by lowering energy consumption and not needing replacement, it’s easy to see that they are far more economical in the long run.

LED Down Lights Add Value to Your Home

LED down lights can save you money now, but they can also earn you money later! If you’re building or renovating your house, you’ll probably be looking to improve its value. With the current trends in green living and energy efficiency on the rise, homes with LED down lights will become more valuable every year.

Install LED downlights Sydney for massive cost savings and add value to your home, today.


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